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    About us

    • Liu Qun

         Liu Qun
         President, Secretary of the Party Committee
    • Sun Feng

        Sun Feng
        Director, General Manager
    • Yue Qunfei

        Yue Qunfei
        Vice General Manage
    • Cui Xiaodong

         Cui Xiaodong
         Vice General Manage
    • Peng Xintian

         Peng Xintian
         Vice General Manager
    • Yang Jian

        Yang Jian
        Vice General Manager
    • Zhang Guangyuan

         Zhang Guangyuan
         Vice General Manager, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,
         Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Chairperson of Labour Union
    • Han Baojin

        Han Baojin
        Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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